A treehouse overlooking Taal Lake

When you say Taal, people almost equate it to Tagaytay. That’s why it was a surprise to find the other side of Taal quite literally when we found this cool treehouse on Airbnb. The treehouse was in Kapusod Lake Conservation area in Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, opposite the hills of Tagaytay if you cross the lake. The location featured one of most gorgeous and longest running sunsets we’ve seen.



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Side trip to a mangrove forest in Kalibo

On a solo trip to Kalibo in June, while en route to the island of Boracay, I took a side trip to Bakhawan Ecopark, a massive and tranquil 220-hectare mangrove forest.

You’ll navigate through the forest via a 1.3-kilometer bamboo boardwalk intersecting with turquoise riverbeds and narrow streams, and finally ends at the mouth of the Aklan River. There was barely anyone when I was there and it was one of my most relaxing nature stroll ever.

Midway, I ran across a small family on their way to the market after a quick harvest at a riverbank.


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