Northern Thailand’s Pai: dreamy, gypsies and splendid sunsets

When people say small town in a positive light, I’ve come to equate it with the smallness (and charmingness) of this little Northern Thailand mountain and river village of Pai. It’s too small and too charming, it’s easy to imagine it was a movie set.

Coming from Chiang Mai after a 3-hour drive, you will arrive in the main street. By main street, I mean it’s barely a two-way street (see above photo), which they call Walking Street. It’s lined by artists, gypsies, merchants and food stalls that start to put up shop in late afternoon and stay on late in the evening.

By sunset, here’s how it looks like from the town’s backyard, by the river:

Biking around town: a small shrine near the rice fields and another day, a different sunset

A narrow alleyway backdropped by yet another sunset and a friendly pet in one of the many quirky cafes outside Walking Street


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